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The Metropolitan Nashville Education Association Political Action Committee for Education (MNEA-PACE) recommends candidates for local political races impacting public education funding (school board, Metro Council, Mayor and Vice Mayor). MNEA-PACE is the political, lobbying arm of Nashville's teachers. Its mission is to elect candidates to local public office within Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County who are supportive of public school teachers, students, and public education in general. The governing council of the PACE is comprised of teachers elected from across the school district.

Metropolitan Nashville Education Association Political Action Committee for Education
531 Fairground Court, Nashville, Tennessee 37211
Supporting those who support our schools!

Contact: Erick Huth, Ed.D.
MNEA-PACE Treasurer
Phone: 615-726-1499

Nashville’s Teachers Announce Endorsements in School Board and Mayoral Elections

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Metropolitan Nashville Education Association Political Action Committee for Education (MNEA-PACE) voted this weekend to endorse candidates in the Metropolitan School Board race to be voted on in August. In other action, MNEA-PACE also voted not to endorse in the Mayoral Election at this time, noting that there are three outstanding candidates who have each supported our schools very well over the years. Metro Council Member At Large Erica Gilmore and acting Mayor David Briley have consistently supported school funding during their tenure on the Metropolitan Council, and, as a member of the Tennessee General Assembly, Representative Harrold Love, Jr. has been one of the most consistent supporters of Nashville and its teachers and schools. According to Dr. Erick Huth, “Making a choice to support one of these three candidates over the others just simply became an exercise in splitting hairs.”

“In the District 2 School Board race, we were very impressed with two candidates but ultimately voted to support T. C. Weber because of his knowledge of our district and understanding of what can and should be done in our schools,” according to MNEA-PACE Chair Stephen Henry. School Board Chair Anna Shepherd, who is running unopposed in District 4, received the MNEA-PACE endorsement because of her dedication to our schools and her district. MNEA Vice President Theresa Wagner notes that Tyese Hunter is receiving the teachers’ endorsement because she “outshined her opponents in her interview.” Hunter who is running for reelection has worked tirelessly as the school board’s budget and finance committee chair to get more funding for our schools and is keenly aware of the funding needs of our students and the impact of Nashville’s “prosperity” on our employees. MNEA-PACE voted to endorse former MNPS teacher Gini Pupo-Walker because of the outstanding work she has done with immigrant populations over the years and her deep understanding of our schools. She is clearly the best candidate in that race.